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Mt. Humarap (Tatlong Krus) - Paete, Laguna

14th April 2013
Paete, Laguna

Major jump-off: Brgy. Ilaya Norte, Paete, Laguna
Hours to summit / days required: 45 mins / half day
Specs: Minor climb, Difficulty 1/9, Trail Class 1
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From Big-R at Cainta junction (yep, I am from Cainta), I rode a jeep going directly to Siniloan Laguna which cost me P83.00.  And from Siniloan, was a jeepney (Sta. Cruz) that took me to the major jump off - Brgy. Ilaya Norte, Paete, Laguna from which I paid P15.00.

Siniloan Public Market

Paper mache's for export :)
Short bamboo bridge
"The Shed" and the trail going to Tatlong Krus
Water source where you can freshen up
Toilet and trail (on the left) that will lead you to Matabungka Falls
 The trail..

Easy, right?

Almost there
 The summit..

Panoramic view of the "Tatlong Krus"
Panoramic view from the summit
cottages that are for rent - big: P100.00 | small: P70.00
wash room - fee: P5.00

Just so you know, there are stores in the summit where you can buy water and some chips. (cool!) 

Budget Check:


   P83.00 (from Cainta to Siniloan)
+ P15.00 (Siniloan to Paete, Laguna)
= P98.00 (expenses from Cainta to Paete)

   P15.00 (Paete - Siniloan)
+ P83.00 (Siniloan - Cainta Junction)
= P 98.00 (expenses from Siniloan to Cainta)


P500.00 - P196.00 = P304.00
Change: P304.00

Weeeh! I still have P304.00 in hand.  That trip was so "SULIT".  Cheap but fun. <3

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